ZEFIROS BEACH HOTEL is located in the area of Mikali, in the cape that spreads to the side where Zefiros (the of west-wind god in antiquity) blows. IONIANS were gothered here in their holy temple, where Panionia (holly feast) took place, "in the most beautiful place" in terms of ambiance and climate, compared to all other known places.

These are the words of the father of history, Herodotus, for Mikali beach which is also famous from the Naval battle of 479 B.C., that signalled the end of Persian wars. In this place, chosen by the ancient Greeks for its particularity, the new ZEFIROS BEACH HOTEL can be found, with its modern spacious facilities.

The combination of the evocativeness of the past and the conveniences of the future, promises perfect holidays right next to the sea, in a beach of 3km length with view to Aegean Sea.

ZEFIROS BEACH HOTEL, Ő’KALI, SAMOS, ‘el.: 0030 - 22730 - 28532, Fax.: 0030 - 22730 - 28594